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PCCA’s Quilt-Barn Project

By Roger Smith, PCCA “Thanks for getting me out of math class.” This expression of gratitude came from a student who was using geometry to lay out a quilt design on two 4’ x 8’ sheets of plywood. I was observing her and her classmates as they participated in an arts...

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Culture Counts in Greater Pittsburgh

Yes, Culture Counts in Greater Pittsburgh. The arts & culture sector annually sup-ports 29,347 full-time equivalent jobs, $567,655,591 in household income, and $108,657,526 in state and local taxes.

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Spotlight on … Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

Since 1972, the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance (GPCA) has played a key role in ensuring the health and vitality of arts and culture in Greater Philadelphia. GPCA leads, strengthens, and gives voice to more than 450 member organizations who generate over $3.3 billion in economic impact for the region.

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