I. Welcome − Caucus Co-Chairs

II. Introduction of Presenters − Jenny Hershour

Gail Harrity, President and COO of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

David Mickenberg, President and CEO of the Allentown Art Museum

Abby Baer, Executive Director of the Demuth Museum and the Lancaster Museum of Art

III. Arts and the Recovery Process – Mary Brenholts, Amber Coppings, and Darby Testa

This is year two of this Pittsburgh Center for Arts and Media Long Term Residency Project in partnership with POWER (PA Organization of Women in Early Recovery) continues to help the women in POWER House programs to experience life in recovery with new tools to help heal and build confidence while developing real-life creative arts and entrepreneurial skills.  The goal is to allow the women to experience the creation of art from the conception of an idea, immersing one’s self in the process, creating a product, and selling/exhibiting work to the public.  This encompassing project is designed to provide a safe and encouraging space to enhance and improve the women’s lives during their journeys of recovery.

IV.Artist Residencies in State Veterans’ Homes – Jamie Dunlap, Arts in Education Program Director – Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

Ms. Dunlap will be highlighting a project done in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Military & Veterans Affairs and the PCA.

V. Q & A

VI. Final Remarks

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